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Looking for hangtags and labels at a good price? At TEXTRA we offer customized tags and labels. Read more about it here.

Eco-friendly packaging

At TEXTRA we strive to offer the best products with focus on making our customers daily work as simple and easy as possible. The demand for sustainable and environmental packaging has never been bigger – from our customers and the general consumer.

To accommodate this demand, we are now offering alternative solutions in hangtags and labels.

Sugarcane hangtags
Sugarcane fiber is a waste product from the production of sugar and a great way to make sustainable and fashionable hangtags while thinking about the environment. The making of sugarcane hangtags require fewer chemicals and less water, making it the environmental-friendly alternative of wood fibers.

Reused polyester labels
As an eco-friendly finish to your product, TEXTRA offers labels made of 100% recycled polyester. Contact us to get a personalized offer or receive inspiration on your custom label.

Cornstarch “plastic” bags
A new and promising product in the TEXTRA product assortment is the sustainable and biodegradable bag made of corn. The bag has the look and feel of a regular plastic bag, but it is 100% degradable in nature and eco-friendly.

Sugarcane hangtags

Reused polyester labels

Cornstarch "plastic" bags

Your own custom design

Get your own custom tags and labels precisely as you want them. Eye-catching custom tags in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials.

Custom hang tags are an easy and affordable way to add your own unique branding and style to almost any product. Give your customers important info about pricing, product details and even your company mission or story.

We offer highly competitive prices on the product and amount just right for you. Contact us with your idea and let us make you an personalized offer!

See the pictures below for inspiration or contact us and we will send you examples and help you figure out what you need for your products to pop!

We can be your stock and distributor to all your manufacturers. If you have any question about labels and hangtags you are more than welcome to call or email us.



What is the minimum order quantity for hangtags or labels?

The minimum order quantity is 1000 pieces both for hangtags and for labels.

How customizable are the hangtags and labels?

The size, color and shape of the hangtags and labels have almost no limits. You design and we produce.

Is the string included for hangtags?

We can provide you with a price with string and without string. We have several types of strings of different color and materials you can choose from.

What is the waiting time between the placing of the order and the shipment of the package?

It depends on your preferences. If you would like to have a sample shipped to you first or if you are willing to approve the draft based on a picture. After this, the next step in the process would normally be somewhere between 3-4 weeks from the order.

What material can be used for Hangtags?

Besides the sugarcane hangtags, we can also offer as materials recycled paper or FSC approved paper.

What material can be used for care labels?

We offer a choice of polyester or recycled polyester.

Where are the hangtags and labels manufactured?

Textra has a daughter-company in China called Silverway that is responsible for the garment production and the production of hangtags and labels.


Do you have any other questions? We are here to answer them!