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At TEXTRA we work according to our overall vision: our aim is to make the daily work for our customers as simple and easy as possible by offering an extensive degree of service throughout the process, all the way from the showing of the new ranges until delivery of the production orders. TEXTRA is an important piece in the puzzle of suppliers that together form the basis for our customers’ positive development. We probably offer at TEXTRA the broadest and deepest assortment. There is almost not the piece of fabrics or the sewing accessory we through our global network of agencies and trading partners can’t offer you a solution that corresponds to your demands on design, price and delivery.

We believe at TEXTRA that in a world where design, buying and production almost never are done in the same building, nor even in the same country or on the same continent, there are big advantages by working with as few suppliers as possible. The more involved suppliers, the higher the risk of problems, whereas fewer involved suppliers most often makes the production simpler and smoother, and at the same time it gives extra benefits in form of less administration, better possibilities of joined shipments and lower total costs of production.

Our values

At TEXTRA we always have our 4 core values in mind. We try our best to create creative value for our customers by presenting an extraordinary amount of creative ideas and inspiration and trying to think differently and innovative in all our solutions. We always try to solve most tasks and are very flexible in relation to how to solve them. It’s very important for us to focus on solutions and we always strive to find the best solution for our costumers. Here at TEXTRA we have diversity in what we work with, we have a wide range of products, so wide that we hope our costumers can buy everything they need from a single roof. We constantly try to acquire new knowledge about what is happening and strive to always be at the forefront of new trends.


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