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We produce women’s clothes, kids clothes and men’s clothes – but also more special articles. Our production set-up handles both big and small quantities – we handle the production, and we guarantee a high quality of the finished products. With our 30 years of experience in the textile industry, we can match most tasks.

Step by step production

Below you can read in detail how the garment production process proceeds. You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions.

At our first meeting we will talk about what types of products you would like us to produce, whether it is something for men, women, kids or something else and whether it is woven or knitted fabrics. After we can talk about the location of the production.

The customers own samples are sent to Textra ( manufactor )for price calculation. Often it is an advantage to set a target price from the customer’s side, as well as the expected bulk pcs per style etc. We can source fabric and/or trim if necessary. The customer can also send all materials to us and we can produce. If you have some materials yourself, we can also source the rest and do mix. It’s up to you and your need.

The customer submits products and specific technical drawings and / or own samples for the future sales collection tests. Often, prices are agreed before everything is started.

TEXTRA produces prototypes and the customer comments this prototype after receivement.

5 – SMS
TEXTRA starts the salesmen sample

The customer makes the order split for bulk. If there’s any comment on different styles we talk about them before the order is confirmed.

TEXTRA starts the order of the fabrics and trim. Then makes plans with the production place regarding deliveries and deadlines.

TEXTRA produces preproduction sample for final approval before bulk is initiated and completed.

TEXTRA delivers bulk and the customer makes a check and report back to TEXTRA if any mistakes.

All contact is through TEXTRA

Anything Else?

The Quality and technical specifications, what so ever (fabric, trim, etc.) relay on the client to approve and make test themselves accordingly so they ensure that the quality is fit for the purpose the client expects it to be used for. Textra´s responsibility is only for the workmanship (quality of cutting and sewing) This has to be similar to approved pre-production samples and following comments by client. Textra´s fabrics and trims will always have to be approved by the client. Any test required will be followed by technical data sheet from sub. suppliers of fabric or trim if possible. No matter if the technical data sheets are made available it is always the clients’ responsibility to achieve documents or in other way to make the necessary tests themselves.