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We supply a very broad assortment of fabrics and accessories items, primarily for the clothing and furniture industry and other types of companies using textile products in their production or resell them on a wholesale basis.

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TEXTRA is always working from a creative perspective and is on the frontline regarding the tendencies of the time, because of our constant trend researching. We try to present an extraordinary amount of ideas and inspiration and trying to think differently compared to others. Apart from this we try to be our customers helping hand in sourcing products they might require.

TEXTRA is a team of 13 well-educated and devoted people, which are constantly at your service for handling your requests and orders in a quick and efficient way. We are represented by agents on most of the export markets that we serve, and we are ready to enter corporations with our customers so we can serve them both locally and at the same time make the deliveries and the follow up in their production countries.

At TEXTRA we work constantly together with our agencies and trading partners on improving our customer service. We focus especially on the quality of the delivered goods and quick deliveries made on the confirmed dates.