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Welcome to Textra Industry - business to business

TEXTRA is a Trade & Agency business, who is striving to always offer the newest and most creative trends. We have a very wide range of fabrics and accessories items, primarily for clothing and furniture industries.

Have a look around, check out our webshop and contact us if you have any questions.

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Want to see the latest news in fabrics, buttons and trimming? See them all at our webshop.

Labels & Hangtags

Looking for hangtags and or labels at a good price? Read more about what we can offer here.

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Garment production

We produce women’s clothes, kids clothes and men’s clothes – but also more special articles. Our production set-up handles both big and small quantities – we handle the production and we guarantee a high quality of the finished products. With our 30 years of experience in the textile industry, we can match most tasks. TEXTRA can be your production unit – letting you focus on designing and selling with success.


Looking for cool basic buttons, metal or
exclusive? Have a look at our collection

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Everything from creative batches, fringes
and pretty embroidery to classic ribbon

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We supply a very broad and deep
assortment of different great fabrics

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