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At TEXTRA we know that images and ideas are an important source of inspiration. It can be very inspiring to see how others use different products and use them in new and creative ways. Take a look at our gallery or follow us on social media and be inspired. If you have got an idea or are looking for something specific, you are more than welcome to contact us and we will do our best to help you reach your goal!

As the icing on the cake we do personalized packaging for your needs and put together different kits, bags, tubes ect. We also make hangtags!

Chains are great as accessories in hair and on clothes!

Lace-up front with tie closure is still a fashion go-to!

Buttons on hangtags for a personal and fun twist.

Patches on backpacks – to make you or your kid’s everyday fun!

A broad leather belt with a rustic look as a way to spice up the cosy layers-on-layers look.

Patches on shoes can be an easy way to a stylish and handmade look.

Ribbon with text as details along the seams of hoodies and sweatpants for a sporty, modern detail.

If you have any ideas, you are always welcome to contact us for a solution

The socks-in-heels look calls for fancy socks with buttons, pearls and patches.

Workwear is the new streetwear – mix up a tailored look with practical details.

Pretty little details for kids and adults

“Lace up” your denim jacket for a soft and feminine look.

Spice up a simple plaid with ruffles, tassels or pompom ribbon.

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